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School Meals and Lunchtimes

Lunch is prepared on the premises and served in the Dining Hall. Pupils can have a freshly cooked meal each day.  Salad and fresh fruit is also available.  


Lunchtime is organised over two ‘sittings’ as this reduces the noise level and makes the experience more relaxed and pleasurable for the children.  The children are able to select their meal from the menu and to choose where they sit. The menu changes mid-year and a copy of this is sent home to families. We are currently using the Menu from April 2018 and this will be changed again in November 2018. 


Dinner money is collected on the first day of each week for the whole week.  The cost of a school meal (fixed by the school’s meal service) is £2.15 per day i.e. £10.75 per week from September 2018.

Pupils can bring a packed lunch as an alternative.  We encourage parents to provide a healthy meal, in accordance with our Healthy School Status. 


We also recognise that many of our children have very specific food preferences and that these can change at any time.  The Kitchen Team work hard to accommodate all children who would like a school meal, so please tell us if you think your child may need something different. 


Water is available from dispensers in set areas of school, including the Dining Hall.

Many families qualify for Free School Meals.  The relevant forms are  available from the School Office and form part of our ‘New Pupils Welcome Pack’.


From September 2014 children in Reception, Year 1 and  Year 2 are all entitled to a free school meal, through the


Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme.  


Families of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who would have qualified for Free School Meals under the old system are strongly encouraged to complete these forms too, as this brings valuable Pupil Premium Grant funding into school. 


If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals (even if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2) please contact our School Office Team.  If you opt to provide a packed lunch for your child, by completing the form you will help school to gain extra funding to support your child via the Pupil Premium Grant. Thankyou!