End of Term - 20 July                

Classes for 2017-18

Our classes are organised by colour, running from one end of the school to the other. It certainly creates a bright corridor!


With our extension from mid-September '17, there are a few changes to the layout of our classes for 2017-18. We are using every bit of space that we have for classrooms!


For 2017-18

Group Room will be part of our Early Years (Green Class) space and Resource Room will become a classroom (Silver).

This means we will have much less 'meeting space' and will need to be even more 'creative' when coming together for Friends of Newlands meetings and events, Fun to Learn Days and Parents' Evenings.


Our New Classes are

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black

We have some new teachers in our classes too, as well as some familiar faces.

Red Class - Vanessa

Orange Class - Michele (Shelly on Wednesdays)

Yellow Class - Jennifer

Green Class - Chrissy and Ellie

Blue Class - Catherine

Indigo Class - Kitty (Sammy from 21 May 2018)

Violet Class - Sam

Bronze Class - Sarah

Silver Class - Charlotte

Gold Class - Sofi

Black Class - Claire