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Speech and Language Support

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Get Free access to the Parent Portal this term to support your pupils with SLCN during lockdown!

Our award-winning Parent Portal enables Speech Link and Language Link subscribers to provide the resources, advice and activities needed for families to support their children, with SLCN, at home.
Last year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we gave free access to this site for every school, parent and carer enabling them to continue vital speech and language development work with their children while schools were closed.
The good news is that we are offering access to the Parent Portal for Free again this term, along with some great new features to help you offer the best SLCN support to your families, when you sign up for our SLCN newsletter, The Link News.

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NEW free e-Guide to the Parent Portal Devised by our speech and language therapists, the PDF guide advises how to help your families use the colourful resources, Top Tips videos and development charts in the best way possible with their children.


'Supporting Parents: Introducing the Parent Portal' Live Webinar 5th February 2021 Our speech and language therapist will steer you through some of the new features of the site and give their recommendations and advice for schools to share with parents/carers.
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