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Curriculum - Topics

Click on the attachment below to see our Topic Cycle. 


We use a Topic approach to cover the National Curriculum and make sure our children have the most relevant and varied experiences as they move through school.


For 2019-20 our Key Stage groupings are 

EYFS: Green Class

KS1: White, White, Red, Orange, and Yellow Classes, 

KS2: Blue, Indigo, Violet, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Pink Classes


We adapt our curriculum constantly so that we can focus on the Wellbeing, Engagement  and Development of all pupils.  


As children are placed in classes according to their need, their curriculum focus differs too. 

Engagement Focus: Orange and Violet

Development Focus:  Silver and Pink

Combined Focus: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Bronze and Gold

ALL classes concentrate on Wellbeing and Personal Development too. 



Our 'Festival Days', linked to different religions, will bring us together to learn about cultures and celebrations.


Our popular Fun To Learn Days are a great opportunity for family members, governors and friends of the school to get involved in our learning journey too.