From Year 6 - Year 7

Many children from Newlands move on to attend Redwood Secondary School in Rochdale at the end of Year 6, aged 11. 


We prepare them (and you) for this change in several ways,  including

Taking them to visit Redwood School throughout the year to meet children and staff.  this is part of a carefully planned transition programme. 

Spending time with children from Springside Special School in Rochdale (these children go to Redwood in Year 7 too)

Inviting Redwood Staff to Annual Review Meetings (so they can learn more about the children)

Talking about moving schools in Class groups

Making sure Redwood staff have lots of information about the children (including their favourite activities and foods!)

Inviting Redwood Staff to see the children in lessons at Newlands

Providing one-to-one support for children and families, addressing anything that is causing a worry, big or small

Sending Toni to Redwood for the first few days in September - everyone likes to see a familiar face and Toni helps with any difficulties at the start of term 


We also support children moving to other secondary schools.  This happens sometimes when families move house to live outside Rochdale LA.   Arrangements are made directly with these schools and families.