WELCOME TO NEWLANDS                

Work with other schools



We are very lucky to be co-located with Hollin Primary.  This means that we

  • have the same uniform and are part of the same learning community
  • see one other in the corridors all the time
  • sometimes play together
  • sometimes sing together (Celebrate and Sing events)
  • sometimes spend time in lessons together ( e.g. during Friendship Week, for social development, for learning support or for learning challenge)
  • sometimes share facilities ( e.g. Hollin 'trim trail', Newlands' soft play and light room)


We also work with local schools in Middleton as we are part of PiraMidd - the collaborative group name for the family of Middleton schools who are work together to make our schools even better. 


Twitter:  If you search tweets with the hashtag #PIRAMIDD you will be able to find out about the other schools involved in this.